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5th December 2016

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One of the elements within the the TRAK metamodel and part of the Management Perspective.

A document artefact - a piece of written, printed, or electronic matter that provides information or evidence or that serves as an official record.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses


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  • DCMI contributor
  • DCMI creator
  • DCMI description
  • DCMI format
  • DCMI identifier
  • DCMI language
  • DCMI publisher (organisation)
  • DCMI source type (enumeration)
  • DCMI subject
  • DCMI title
  • DCMI type (enumerated - DCMI type)
  • issue
  • issue date
  • issuing organisation (organisation)
  • url

+ Inherited attributes from Architecture Description Element

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

Implementation of TRAK Attribute Names and Values

The implementation of TRAK attributes in a tool is controlled by ‘TRAK. Implementation. Architecture Description Elements’ with respect to the case, spelling of attributes and format of values. See References section below.



Document participates in the following relationships:

from Architecture Description Element:

  • Claim about Document
  • Concern about Document
  • Requirement governs Document
  • Standard governs Document
  • Document satisfies Requirement
  • Document satisfies Standard
  • Document traces to Argument
  • Document traces to Document
  • Document traces to Requirement

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

Master Architecture View

Any Document used within an architecture description of the system-of-interest must appear on a MV-02 Architecture Design Record for the architecture description.

The MV-02 is the Master Architecture View for Document.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses


Used to document references to sources of information used or referenced in the development of the architecture description or elements within it.

Most of the attributes are taken from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative - these have a ‘DCMI’ prefix. Any identifier such as ISBN is placed in the ‘DCMI identifier’ attribute.

Dublin Core Metadata simple elements - type takes values from DCMI Type Vocabulary.

Language code takes values from ISO 639. 2 letter code e.g. ‘en’, ‘fr’. See

dcmi source = source(s) for this document - may be another document.

date - if month or day not known use ’01’ e.g. unknown date in 2010 would be 2010-01-01format

DCMI type = ‘Unknown’, ‘Collection’, ‘Event’, ‘Image’, ‘Interactive Resource’, ‘Moving Image’, ‘Service’, ‘Software’, ‘Sound’, ‘Text’

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

The allowed values for the enumerated lists, the naming etc, is specified by ‘TRAK. Implementation. Architecture Description Elements’. See references.

Other Frameworks

  • there is no comparable stereotype in the NATO Architecture Framework or MODAF


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