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Architecture Description Design Record View


Part of the TRAK Management Perspective and one of the 24 TRAK architecture views.

Describes the purpose, scope and extent of the architecture task and the architecture description. Describes any findings that arose from the architecture modelling..

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses


Conforms to the MVp-02 Architecture Design Record Viewpoint

Tool Support


Sparx Enterprise Architect

Applications or Uses

The MV-02 can be used in several different ways:

  1. As the Master Architecture view for Concern it collects together all the concerns expressed in the architecture description (model).
  2. To record/capture the nub of the discussions with the sponsor for the task.
  3. In conjunction with a package diagram it can be used (after 2) to plan what models are needed for the task.
  4. To outline the views that present the results and thereby provide directed points of navigation into the other views within the architecture description.
  5. To help document the development of the architecture description for a design record.
  6. To help document considerations that affect or might affect the portability of the architecture description (in conjunction with the MV-01).

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses


The MV-02 is the master architecture view for Architecture Description, Architecture Task, Architecture View, Concern, Document.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses




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