View TRAK:MV-04


Assurance View


Conforms to the MVp-04 Assurance Viewpoint

Tool Support

Sparx Enterprise Architect

Applications or Uses

Describing situations where claims are made:-

  • That something meets one or more requirements:
    • the enterprise, a concept,  a design of product or organisation, a project or a normative document
    • product assurance, design certification, type approval or type registration
  • That something is safe:
    • safety (assurance) case
    • structured set of arguments based on and linked to the architecture of the product and/or organisation
  • Putting forwards an opposing or different claim to an existing one.

Structuring and agreeing a set of arguments to support or oppose a claim.

Presenting evidence that supports or opposes arguments made and which therefore aims to prove or disprove a claim made.






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