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The management perspective provides views that describe the architectural task and those relationships that are common across other perspectives.

It provides ways of defining the scope and findings of the architectural task through the MVp-02 Architecture Design Record. It provides ways of describing the normative standards that apply (MVp-03 Requirements & Standards). It provides supporting information to aid the portability and understanding of the model(s).

Since the Management Perspective is also used to provide the start and finish points for navigation of the set of views produced for the task, if the repository or system of interest being modelled is organised using folders (packages) representing each TRAK perspective then the folder may contain non-framework diagrams that aid the understanding or navigability of the view set or portability of the architecture description.

The TRAK Management Perspective has the following 4 architecture viewpoints (each defining a single view):

Other Frameworks

The TRAK Management Perspective encompasses views which are typically covered by 2 collective view groupings in other frameworks.



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