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Methods of Implementing TRAK

Sparx EA supports TRAK through the following mechanisms:

  • UML Profile for TRAK
  • MDG Technology for TRAK

UML Profile for TRAK

The vanilla UML profile for TRAK can be loaded into Sparx EA by switching to the Resources pane, selecting UML Profiles and then right-clicking to obtain the Load UML Profile menu option.


The UML profile for TRAK is at

MDG Technology for TRAK

This is a custom built plugin that is placed in a directory. On start-up Sparx EA loads the plugin which then provides the ability to create TRAK views, provides a palette of TRAK objects and relationships for the view selected and context-sensitive relationship creation amongst other things.

The MDG Technology for TRAK is located at


It is loaded by

  • place the plugin and accompanying model template into a folder of your choice
  • tell Sparx EA where this folder is using Settings | MDG Technologies and then if necessary Advanced and Add Folder
  • enabling the plugin (again Settings | MDG Technologies)
  • restarting Sparx EA

Instructions for the plugin are at

Supported TRAK Architecture Views

The following TRAK Architecture Views are supported to the extent indicated below:

Sparx EA Limitations wrt TRAK

The known limitations of Sparx EA are:

  • searches cannot be saved as CSV (only matrix diagrams). This means that more complicated tabular views based on custom SQL queries have to be cut and pasted into a document which can produce format artefacts. A CSV export can be used via MS Word or Open Office etc to create a table.


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