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In TRAK an architecture viewpoint is a specification for a TRAK architecture view - taking the ISO/IEC 42010 definition of an architecture viewpoint. A list of the TRAK architecture views is provided separately. In addition to any viewpoint-specific requirements there are the following requirements:
TRAK Bye Laws - that apply to metamodel, viewpoint, view and architecture description
TRAK Master Architecture View - that apply consistency rules that constrain in what view a TRAK stereotype is first created before it can be used elsewhere.

TRAK viewpoints always have a p in the identifier e.g. CVp-01, SVp-01 whereas the views specified don’t e.g. CV-01, SV-01.

The following viewpoints exist in TRAK - these are used in conjunction with a minimal process to select the viewpoints that best fit the taskholder’s concerns:

Enterprise Perspective

Concept Perspective

Procurement Perspective

Solution Perspective

Management Perspective

Other Frameworks

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Note that MODAF and NAF do not make a distinction between the type of thing used to specify an architectural view and the architectural view itself.


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