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15th February 2010

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One of the elements within the the TRAK metamodel and part of the Management Perspective.

IEEE 1471/ ISO/IEC 42010 Final Committee Draft section 5.6 refers to an Architectural Perspective as

NOTE 1 Sharing architecture models between architecture views permits an architecture description to capture distinct but related concerns without redundancy or repetition of the same information in multiple views, and reduces possibilities for inconsistency. Sharing of architecture models also permits an aspect-oriented style of architecture description: architecture models shared across architecture views can be used to express architectural perspectives (see [36]);

i.e. a grouping of related and overlapping architectural views.

Tests For

Not applicable - not used in any TRAK architecture views.

Tests Against

Not applicable - not used in any TRAK architecture views.


Architecture Perspective is not used on any TRAK view - it is part of the background definition of TRAK. It is included here for completeness and for information.


The attributes of Architecture Perspective are:

  • perspective description - description of the architecture perspective
  • perspective identifier - the alphanumeric means of identifying the architecture perspective
  • perspective title - the title of the architecture perspective

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Architecture Perspective participates in:

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Master Architecture View

Architecture Perspective is not used in any of the TRAK architecture views.

Architecture Perspective therefore has no Master Architecture View.

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