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CVp-06 - Concept Sequence Viewpoint




8th December 2017


The CVp-6 Concept Sequence Viewpoint is part of the TRAK Concept Perspective and one of the 24 TRAK Architecture Viewpoints.

The CVp-06 provides a way of describing the sequence or order of activities or events. It is used where the order in which things happen is important.

Stakeholders Addressed

  • Owner of Concept
  • Developer of Concept
  • User of Concept
  • Operator of Concept
  • Maintainer of Concept
  • Trainer of Concept
  • Disposer of Concept

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Concerns Addressed

The CVp-06 addresses the following concerns:

How are concept activities ordered? Is it important?

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Describes the order in which logical events or activities occur.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses

Declared Tuples

Functional Sequence

  • Node conducts Concept Activity
  • Concept Activity triggers Item
  • Item triggers Concept Activity
  • Concept Activity precedes Concept Activity

Exchange Sequence

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Optional Tuples


  • Item has part Item
  • Concept Activityhas part Concept Activity


If any of these optional metamodel elements are added then the appropriate TRAK Master Architecture View must be provided.

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A CV-06 view shall contain:

  • at least one Node (the subject of the view)
  • the subject Node must have at least 2 Concept Activities (using ‘Node conducts Concept Activity’)
  • every Concept Activity must be connected to another Concept Activity either by ‘Concept Activity triggers Item triggers Concept Activity’ ) OR (‘Concept Activity precedes Concept Activity’)
  • a means of identifying the order in which all Concept Activities occur e.g. by numbering or explicit layout on a time line


  • communication diagram
  • sequence diagram

Functional sequence:


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Views Needed to Construct

See Minimum Allowed View Sets

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Consistency Rules

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Configuration History

The TRAK Viewpoints project on Sourceforge ( maintains a version-controlled repository. The change record is at



Other Frameworks

Representing events and state transitions:

Representing activity sequence:


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