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25th February 2010


Part of the TRAK Enterprise Perspective.

In TRAK this is defined as an objective or target for an Enterprise (phase). i.e. they have an associated period or notion of phasing and are likely to be different or change between enterprise phases.

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Enterprise Goal can be used to represent the following:
• A Vision (Statement) outlines what the organization wants to be. It concentrates on the future. It is a source of inspiration. It provides clear decision-making criteria. [Wikipedia].

• A Mission Statement tells you the fundamental purpose of the organization. It concentrates on the present. It defines the customer and the critical processes. It informs you of the desired level of performance. In TRAK therefore if an Enterprise is defined as having both the start and finish dates as [Today] and a Vision is attached this is therefore the equivalent to a Mission Statement.


+ inherited from Architecture Description Element

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Enterprise Goal participates in:
• Enterprise Goal has part Enterprise Goal
• Enterprise Goal is quantified by Metric
• Enterprise aspires to Enterprise Goal
• Enterprise Goal requires Capability

Inherited relationships:

from Architecture Description Element

• Concern about Enterprise Goal
• Enterprise Goal traces to Requirement
• Enterprise Goal traces to Document
• Standard governs Enterprise Goal

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Master Architecture View

Any Enterprise Goal used within an architecture description of the system-of-interest must appear on a EV-01 Enterprise Goal View for the architecture description.

The EV-01 is the Master Architecture View for Enterprise Goal.

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Other Frameworks

TRAK regards Enterprise Goal and Enterprise Vision as types of goal:
• MODAF::Enterprise Goal and MODAF::Enterprise Vision
• NAF::Enterprise Goal and NAF::Enterprise Vision


• Wikipedia - Strategic Planning: Mission & Vision Statements.


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