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Requirements & Standards View


Part of the TRAK Management Perspective and one of the 24 TRAK architecture views.


Describes the constraints that apply to an architecture element through requirements and standards or how standards depend on one another.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses


Conforms to the MVp-03 Requirements & Standards Viewpoint

Applications or Uses

  • contracts standards assessment - normative documents applied through contract
  • identifying potential compliance problems
  • support contract negotiation
  • requirements
  • requirement document structure
  • linking to requirement management tool
  • standards hierarchy / dependence / precedence


Tool Support


The MV-03 is the master architecture view for Contract, Requirement, Standard.

The views produced are expected to focus primarily on contracts, standards and requirements. Requirement-focussed views will make it possible to show how the architecture description links to products from requirement management tools such as DOORS and also act as a justification for the way in which the architecture has been represented in the architecture description. It is not the purpose of an architecture framework to manage requirements. Is it the purpose of TRAK to provide a means of integrating architecture description with dedicated requirement management tools.

The MV-03 can be used to describe Capability Requirement Documents, Operational Requirement Documents and System Requirement Documents. Requirements aren’t just technical - they may be commercial such as in a Contract. Any constraint has at some stage to be formally captured by a requirement.

More complicated forms are possible by using the date of issue of the standard as a filter. Note that usually, with the exception of national law and safety, once a standard has been applied by contract it will fix the requirements at the issue of the standard applied irrespective of any more recent issues.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses




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