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TRAK does not specify a modelling process. There are, however, fragments of process that arise from the premise behind ISO/IEC 42010 and dependencies within TRAK.

Minimum Process

The essential bare bones process for creating an architectural description or model is:

  • establish the scope of the modelling task
  • plan and structure the modelling needed
  • construct the model(s)
  • close-out the task

Establish Modelling Task Scope

The ISO 42010 premise is that an architectural description (model) is created to address stakeholder concerns.

Talk to the Task Stakeholder

  • establish who it is that needs the modelling
  • tease out their concerns and what they apply to

Reflect & Define Modelling Requirement

  • produce a TRAK::MV-02 to capture the scope, stakeholder and concerns - this will form your requirement for the modelling

Plan & Structure the Models Needed

  • using the stakeholder concerns and the concerns addressed by TRAK Architecture Viewpoints select the viewpoints that best fits the taskholder’s concerns - these will be used as specifications for the views to be prepared. Depending on the views needed to address the concerns extra ones may be needed - see TRAK:Minimum Allowed Architecture View Sets.
  • decide what models are needed to support the views and therefore what need to be developed or created from scratch. If it helps use something similar to a UML Package diagram to collect together and show what models are needed

Construct the Architecture Models

Close-Out the Task

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