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Solution Resource Interaction View


Part of the TRAK Solution Perspective and one of the 24 TRAK architecture views.

Describes and characterises resource interactions (energy, materiel, data) between solution resources.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses


Conforms to the SVp-02 Solution Resource Interaction Viewpoint

Tool Support

• Sparx Enterprise Architect

Applications or Uses

• Critical Design Review


The SV-02 is the master architecture view for Interaction Element, Port, Port Connection, Protocol, Resource Interaction.

Note - the level of detail of the SV-02 view, whether identifying or characterising exchanges will, if a functional sequence is established using the SV-07, affect what is shown on a SV-03 Solution Resource Interaction to Function Mapping Views within the architecture description. This is a because the ‘Resource performs Function triggers Interaction Element triggers Function performed by (other) Resource’ on the SV-07 has to be consistent with the Resource Interaction between the two Resources. i.e. if Interaction Element are shown on the SV-02 then they will have to be shown on the SV-03 so that all Interaction Elements exchanged are linked to the Functions they support. If only Resource Interactions have been identified then the SV-03 will only show the Resource Interaction.

Covered by TRAK IPR and licenses




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