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5th September 2015


Part of the TRAK Management Perspective.

A normative document. It is a formal document that establishes criteria, processes, practices or defines protocols. Note that although it is a form of ‘Requirement’ it only applies through the application of a Requirement whether a contractual or technical.

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Tests For


  • takes form of a document
  • normative
  • law
  • requirement document
  • normative plan document

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Tests Against


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Note that a Standard can be connected to an atomic requirement using has part if you need to draw attention to a specific individual requirement within it.



  • part (string)
  • withdrawal date (date)

Inherited Attributes

+ from Document

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Standard participates in the following relationships:



from Architecture Description Element:

  • Claim about Standard
  • Concern about Standard
  • Requirement governs Standard
  • Standard governs Standard
  • Standard satisfies Requirement
  • Standard satisfies Standard
  • Standard traces to Argument
  • Standard traces to Document
  • Standard traces to Requirement

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Master Architecture View

Any Standard used within an architecture description of the system-of-interest must appear on a MV-03 Standards View for the architecture description.

The MV-03 is the Master Architecture View for Standard.

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