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The Structure of TRAK

From the TRAK Enterprise Architecture Framework document:

TRAK is defined in a logical way - that is to say free of any notion of how TRAK is implemented.

TRAK has 22 viewpoints which are grouped into 5 perspectives. Each viewpoint belongs to a single perspective and specifies a single view (type). Each viewpoint specifies what sets of types of architectural description element and relationships (tuples) can appear. The architectural description element types and relationships are specified by the TRAK metamodel.


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The logical definition of TRAK consists of 3 documents, each of which is an open source project on Sourceforge:

  • TRAK Enterprise Architecture Framework document (this document). This controls TRAK as a whole.
  • TRAK Enterprise Architecture Framework Viewpoints document. This defines the TRAK viewpoints.
  • TRAK Enterprise Architecture Framework Metamodel document This defines the architecture description elements that can appear in a viewpoint definition.

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