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Architecture Modelling Tools

What choices of tool are there for architectural modelling?

What features to look out for?

Enterprise Architecture Modelling vs Software Design

Tools for Specific Architecture Frameworks

How do or can the particular tools support the following frameworks?

Tool Support - CNDAF

No information.

Tool Support - DODAF

No information.

Tool Support - MODAF

No information.

Tool Support - NAF

No information.

Tool Support - TRAK

The tools known to support TRAK are:-

Extending the Tool

Using Your Backend (Database!)

Underneath most decent modelling tools is some sort of DBMS that supports SQL.

  • What DBMS does it support?
  • How can the DBMS be used to support architectural modelling and views?

Tool Interoperability

  • How well do tools play together?
  • Can they import?
  • Can they export?
  • What suffers?

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