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ISO/IEC 42010:2007 (IEEE 1471-2000) states:


3.9 view: A representation of a whole system from the perspective of a related set of concerns.


A view may consist of one or more architectural models. Each such architectural model is developed using the methods established by its associated architectural viewpoint. An architectural model may participate in more than one view.


5.4 Architectural Views

An AD shall contain one or more architectural views.

Each view in an AD shall correspond to exactly one viewpoint, as selected in accordance with 5.3.

Each view in an AD shall conform to the specification of its corresponding viewpoint.

Each view shall include:

  1. An identifier and other introductory information, as defined by the using organization
  2. Representation of the system constructed with the languages, methods, and modeling or analytical techniques of the associated viewpoint
  3. An architectural view may consist of one or more architectural models.

A view is a response to an architecture viewpoint.


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