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Systems Engineer - Early Lifecycle (ATC Signalling / TRAK)

Posted: 14 February 2011 11:38 PM   [ Ignore ]
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From http://www.expatengineer.net/engineering-jobs-europe/C5874825781D003F6C54:

Job purpose

Systems Design/Requirements Engineers are required to join the System Engineering team to assist in the development of the ATC signalling system and the safety-related and safety-critical products of which it is comprised, particularly in the front-end of the system engineering lifecycle.

Role Outline / Key Responsibilities:

The candidate should possess expertise in two or more of the following:

• Requirements capture, analysis and management;
• Systems design, analysis, modelling and simulation ( “black-box design” );
• Sub-system specification and interface control and management;
• Sub-system design and analysis (Hardware / Software allocation).

Note that the engineering techniques involved with the development are cutting-edge with extensive use of the UML and SysML, increasing use of Architectural Frameworks such as MoDAF/DoDAF/TRAK, with support from tool-sets such as DOORS® and Artisan Studio®.

The candidate will also be expected to maintain an appreciation of new technologies and their application to support ongoing deliveries.

The Candidate:

Essential Requirements
• A formal qualification in a relevant engineering, scientific or numerate discipline.
• Experience of working to industry quality and safety standards, preferably in the safety-critical arena.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Motivated, dependable and self-reliant.

Desirable Requirements

• Experience in the development of Signalling Systems, Automatic Train Protection products or Control System for Railways.

Personal Qualities

• Personable and fair
• Analytical and solutions based
• Good written and spoken communication skill
• A completer finisher with an eye for detail


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