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MDG Technology for TRAK - Version 0.124

Posted: 04 January 2012 12:24 PM   [ Ignore ]
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The next version of the MDG Technology for TRAK, version 0.124 is soon to escape.

This supports the change in definition of the names of the TRAK stereotypes (blocks and connectors) and their attributes to make the names into ‘proper’ english rather than typical ‘softese’ so that you get ‘Resource Interaction’ rather than ‘ResourceInteraction’ and attributes like ‘tools used’ (Architecture Description) rather than’ toolsUsed’.

There is also support for a commercial privacy marking e.g. ‘IN STRICT CONFIDENCE’ .

Scripts are included to migrate any existing EA project to the new names. Scripts are also included to clear out some of the artefacts of the model of TRAK in EA itself which produced tagged values wherever a relationship role was defined. As these are nothing to do with the definition of TRAK they add no value, only clutter. The scripts also merge any values for location for Resources (Software, System, Role, Job, Organisation, Physical) stored in the old ‘locationLatitude’, ‘locationLongitude’ into the single ‘location’ tagged value which uses the format latitude (degrees), longitude (decimal degrees), altitude (m) [optional] as specified by RFC 5870 . A Uniform Resource Identifier for Geographic Locations. June 2010.  (the implementation of TRAK in terms of standards, naming, enumerated values is defined by TRAK. Implementation. Architecture Description Elements )

It is ready to go bar one problem. There is an EA Model View - ‘Missing Descriptions - Objects’ which lists all the objects that have no description - which when run for an EA project in a .eap file (not for one in a DBMS server like MySQL) causes EA to hang. The search, which can be run separately, works perfectly and causes no errors. It’s only when a Model View is created and based on the (working) search that the error occurs. A priority support request has been raised with Sparx Systems and they’re looking into it.


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