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Nato AF (NAF) Version 4 - A Look at the Definition of View Content

by Nic Plum on Friday 04 January, 2019 - 13:17 GMT in Architecture FrameworkNAFStandards and tagged with

This is a first of what will be many dives into the definition of the NAF v4 looking this time at the definition of view content - a prerequisite for achieving consistency in the exchange / interoperability of architecture descriptions. This is a first take looking at the definition of view content ... [Read full article]


Solution Risk, Vulnerability, Threat and Mitigation - Does Risk Need to be Separate from Event?

by Nic Plum on Thursday 07 January, 2016 - 19:37 GMT in Architecture FrameworkTRAK and tagged with definitionhazardmetamodelontologyriskstandardthreattrakviewpointvulnerability 

Changes have been made to TRAK to support the description of risk and event sequences in the guise of the SVp-11 Solution Event Causes and SVp-13 Solution Risk Viewpoints. This has been a piece of work underway for at least 3 years but it seemed necessary to publish it so that the viewpoints and ... [Read full article]


What Would a TRAK View Look Like in a Graph Database? Part 1

by Nic Plum on Monday 31 August, 2015 - 15:38 GMT in Architecture FrameworkTRAKStandardsTools and tagged with complianceconformancegraphiso42010standardtraktripletuple 

The trouble with using a lot of the enterprise architecture tools is that they were originally developed for software development. This means that they tend to focus on / provide functionality for the expression of objects rather than relationships and they typically use software notation to ... [Read full article]


MODAF is Dead - Long Live ‘NAF’?

by Nic Plum on Monday 02 March, 2015 - 23:00 GMT in Architecture FrameworkMODAFNAFStandards and tagged with architecture frameworkmodafnafnato 

Integrated EA presents an interesting and useful opportunity to learn, listen and talk about enterprise architecture, mostly but not always from a defence and aerospace application and not just from the UK but other parts of Europe and the world that have experience in the application of MODAF, ... [Read full article]


Definitions - What Exactly is a Risk Part 2?

by Nic Plum on Monday 05 August, 2013 - 21:46 GMT in Architecture FrameworkTRAK and tagged with definitionhazardontologyriskstandardthreat 

In part 1 we established that a lot of the current definitions of risk don’t actually define what a risk is - they simply define a formula for calculating it or prioritising it which doesn’t help us get at what a risk is and therefore whether it is a distinct entity. The OED has a ... [Read full article]


Just When You Thought It Was Safe - EntiTy Returns

by Nic Plum on Wednesday 13 March, 2013 - 21:33 GMT in Architecture FrameworkTRAK and tagged with safetysecuritysourceforgetrakworking group 

Sorry for the awful pun… A small band of happy volunteers have been musing over possible extensions to TRAK to provide viewpoints that address typical safety and security concerns. As part of the ongoing activity a candidate set of concepts / entities for the TRAK metamodel have been described in ... [Read full article]


Definitions - What Exactly is a Risk?

by Nic Plum on Tuesday 12 March, 2013 - 22:30 GMT in Architecture FrameworkTRAKStandards and tagged with defencedefinitiondodiecnistsafetysecuritystandardtrakusa 

Creating a definition sounds as thought it ought to be easy. It isn’t for many reasons - some of these are not so much technical as the process by which consensus is reached and the need to get consensus. For example the need to get consensus might mean that at times a weaker definition escapes ... [Read full article]


Risk and Threats - The Common Ground Between Security and Safety?

by Nic Plum on Tuesday 10 April, 2012 - 21:25 GMT in Architecture FrameworkTRAK and tagged with def standefenceforumiso42010mil stdontologyrisksafetysecuritysolutionsourceforgestandardthreattrakviewviewpointvulnerability 

This is something that has been bumbling around for some considerable time - safety and security. By that I whether there is something useful that an enterprise architecture view can be used for in the system safety and security disciplines. On the face of it there is quite a bit of overlap. Both ... [Read full article]


Every Viewpoint Has to Be Distinct - Say “Goodbye” to the TRAK CVp-02 Concept Viewpoint

by Nic Plum on Sunday 08 April, 2012 - 12:42 GMT in Architecture FrameworkTRAK and tagged with concepttrakviewpoint 

Every viewpoint in TRAK is a specification for an architecture description view. In accordance with ISO/IEC 42010 each address one or more typical concerns using a combination of tuples (stereotype - relationship - stereotype combination taken from the TRAK metamodel). The tuples have therefore to ... [Read full article]


TRAK Article Published by The Institution of Engineers (Singapore)

by Nic Plum on Friday 13 January, 2012 - 17:11 GMT in Architecture FrameworkTRAK and tagged with incoseinstitutepublicationsingaporetrak 

This is one of those slightly strange happenstance events - completely unplanned although not beyond the original intent. At the 2010 INCOSE Annual Systems Engineering Conference Chris Lowe and I presented on ‘Human Factors - On the Right TRAK?’ which looked at the consideration of human factors ... [Read full article]



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