Enterprise Architecture as a practice within the Canadian Defence Forces was called for by the Canadian Defence Planning Guide (DPG) 2001. Initially Canada adopted DODAF as an interim measure but have since developed their own architecture framework. The Canadian Department of Defense,DND/CF, Architecture Framework (DNDAF) is maintained by the Directorate of Enterprise Architecture (DEA).

The intent is to to enable a distributed (decentralised) method of capturing and maintaining their enterprise architecture models but to a capture and integrate models into an DND/CF Architecture Registry and Repository System (DARRS).


DNDAF has 6 views, each of which contains several sub views. There are 31 subviews in total in DNDAF.

The subview content is used to populate the underlying data model - DND/CF Architecture Data Model (DADM).

Current Version

DNDAF is currently at version 1.7 released on 30th April 2010. See DNDAF Release History

Note that there always seems to be a long lag between issue dates and the documentation being publicly available.



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