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The NOV-6a Operational Rule Model subview is part of the NATO Operational View and one of the 49 NATO Architecture Framework subviews*.

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Version 3.1

* =  changed at 3.1

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The change history is derived from the definition of each NATO Architecture view within section 5.2.4 NATO Operational View (NOV) in AC/322(SC/1-WG/1)N(2009)0005-ADD2.  NATO Architecture Framework Version 3.1 document from .

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From the NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 4, Section

Operational rules constrain the operational aspects of the architecture and provide references and guidelines for the development and definition of more detailed rules and behavioural definitions that will occur later in the architecture definition process.

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From the NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 4, Section

The Operational Rules Model specifies operational constraints on an enterprise, a mission, or an operation, business, or on an architecture. While other NOV products discussed so far (e.g. NOV-1, NOV-2 and NOV-5) describe the structure and behaviour of the operational domain, for the most part they do not describe the constraints under which they operate.

At the mission level, NOV-6a may consist of doctrine, guidance, rules of engagement, and so forth. At the operation level, rules may include such things as a military Operational Plan (OPLAN). At lower levels, NOV-6a describes the rules under which, for example, weapon systems behave under specified conditions. Such rules can be expressed in a textual form, for example,If (these conditions exist), and (this event) occurs, then (perform these actions).

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From the NATO Architecture Framework v3.1, CHAPTER 5, Section

NOV-6a can be used for:

  • Definition of doctrinally correct operational procedures
  • Definition of business rules
  • Identification of operational constraints

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Data Objects

From the NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 5, Section

The data in a NOV-6a can include:

  • Operational constraints

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From The MODAF Operational Viewpoint p35:


Full size:File:MODAF OV6a dataObjects mm .gif

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This diagram is taken from MODAF 1.2.004 MODAF::OV-6a Operational Rules Model View as it is identical to that in NAF 3.1 with the following substitutions for view/subview number:


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