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Version 3.1.

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The System is one of the NAF Stereotypes that form the NATO Architecture Framework Metamodel (NMM). It is defined as part of the NATO System View (NSV).


NATO AF v3.1, Chapter 5 p 119:

The usage of an artefact as a System in a CapabilityConfiguration.

Covered by NATO release conditions

Revision History

NAF 3.0:

From p 442 of of APPENDIX 5:

A coherent combination of physical artefacts, energy and information, assembled for a purpose.

Covered by NATO release conditions.

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The definition in v3.1 doesn’t actually define what a system is only that if you use an artefact as one within a Capability Configuration it is a ‘system’.

This gets to be quite confusing as the stereotype ‘System’ exists independently of Capability Configuration i.e. it is still used to represent a System. As defined it seems that you can only define a system through the combination of using the ‘System’ stereotype and defining it’s usage context.

Note that in version 3.1 as a Resource, System can have a Function and can interact.

NATO AF v3.1, Chapter 5, p116 - definition of Capability Configuration...

... a system cannot contribute alone (it must be hosted on a physical asset or used by an organisational resource or both).

Covered by NATO release conditions.

This means that NAF::System cannot include people (Human Resource) - people are always external to a system. A system in NAF cannot provide any capability nor can NAF be used for a soft system. This is very different to TRAK::System.

As defined in NAF 3.1:

  • system is something physical
  • it is not a soft system
  • it can’t contain anything else like Organisation, Post or Role, or Software
  • systems cannot provide capability

It is very similar to the definition and use of System in MODAF.

This is quite different from the definition of TRAK::System which isn’t defined as a product or artefact and can include people.



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  • p 411 of APPENDIX 5 TO ANNEX 1 TO AC/322-D(2007)0048. NATO Architecture Framework v3, CHAPTER 5



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