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The TRAK Concept Perspective covers the logical view of what is needed.

It covers the connection of nodes, for example a service control centre, to other nodes with no recognition of how this might be realised either by organisation or technology.

It also implies no particular part of a life cycle - it covers everything from concept to disposal (‘lust to dust’!).

The Concept Perspective is often used for describing or defining the user requirements for the system of interest. Having a description of the concept does not imply that there are any solutions.

The TRAK Concept Perspective has the following 5 viewpoints (each specifying one view):

The architectural description in the TRAK Concept Perspective is usually a response to the capabilities that are required by the Enterprise and described in the TRAK Enterprise Perspective.

Any logical problem described in the TRAK Concept Perspective may have 0 or more solutions described in the TRAK Solution Perspective.

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