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A view in TRAK contains a defined set of TRAK metamodel elements and addresses a particular question or concern, for example, the structure or relationships. It is specified by a viewpoint in accordance with IEEE 1471 / ISO/IEC 42010.

If the architectural model is the collection is the collection of connected stereotypes that represent a particular subject, the views represent windows looking onto the model each taking a slightly different aspect.

Views deliberately overlap slightly so that there is some continuity between views to allow the reader to be able to navigate the views - the overlap in content provides a mechanism to jump to other views.

TRAK views are organised by perspective. Each TRAK view conforms to a TRAK Architecture Viewpoint in addition to global rules applied by TRAK Bye Laws.

Enterprise Perspective

The TRAK Enterprise Perspective has the following 3 views:

Concept Perspective

The TRAK Concept Perspective has the following 5 views:

TRAK:Procurement Perspective

The TRAK Procurement Perspective has the following 3 views:

TRAK:Solution Perspective

The TRAK Solution Perspective has the following 9 views:

Management Perspective

The TRAK Management Perspective has the following 4 views:

The numbering of the TRAK views has no significance with respect to the order in which views are developed.

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